Spacetime Slick Formula Bundle

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A brand new lineup of Slick-adelic lacquers is here, and in two different formulas: Spacetime Slicks and Chroma Slicks. Mesmerizing multidimensional lacquers with beautiful shifting finishes. Use a magnet and watch them come to life!

Clionadh’s Spacetime Slicks are ultra dimensional, optional magnetic lacquers that were inspired by the mind-bending mysteries of black holes. The unmagnetized state (metaphorically) resembles the fourth dimension where holographic and shifting pigments/flakes meet in continuum. Uncouple the third dimension by magnetizing these lacquers to reveal a streak of colour shifting light escaping from the depths of the holographic, black hole beneath. Find a digital application guide here.

Enjoy 10% when you pickup the bundle, includes:

  • Event Horizon
  • Gravity Well
  • Quasar
  • Singularity
  • Spaghettification
  • Thermonuclear
  • Wormhole

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