Strawberry Fields for Emma


Notes: earthy green oakmoss, wild strawberries, Italian bergamot, lily of the valley, galbanum

“‘Come, and eat my strawberries. They are ripening fast.’If Mr. Knightley did not begin seriously, he was obliged to proceed so, for his proposal was caught at with delight; and the ‘Oh! I should like it of all things,’ was not plainer in words than manner. Donwell was famous for its strawberry-beds, which seemed a plea for the invitation: but no plea was necessary; cabbage-beds would have been enough to tempt the lady, who only wanted to be going somewhere.” — Emma

Despite its name, this is more forest than field, more oakmoss than strawberry. You’ve wandered away from the group picking berries in the fastidious beds of Donwell Abbey, into a nearby forest where you spy wild strawberries hiding among the green leaves spread over the ground. The story you thought you knew has taken a mysterious turn.

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