Sugar Plum

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An ultra sparkly purple holographic glitter (in small and ultra-fine size) in a clear base. Can be worn alone as a topper over a base colour, or layered in 3-4 thin coats to build opacity. Part of the Winter Carnival Collection. Finish with a smoothing top coat as this shade will dry textured.


In a magical corner of the Winter Carnival, the stunning Sugar Plum booth stands, welcoming you with its delightfully sweet and powerful fruity aroma. This charming stall is bathed in hues of purple twilight, drawing in curious visitors. The booth is known far and wide for its signature treat, the enchanted Sugar Plum. As you enter, you see rows and rows of sugar plums hanging like ornaments from frost-covered trees, reminiscent glistening purple jewels. Each sugar sparkles immensely with holographic magic. Eating one is said to grant visions of wintery realms, a fleeting journey through space and time where mythical creatures roam free and purple galaxies paint the sky.

Inspired by this captivating confection, the ‘Sugar Plum’ nail polish is a keepsake of the booth’s magical fruit. Sugar Plum glistens with the same multifaceted depth and beauty as the sugar plums themselves. Each stroke of this polish is like adorning your nails with the magic of the Winter Carnival, a reminder of reminder of the joyous mysteries and sweet surprises that the winter season brings.

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