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Peculiar Mystery is a limited edition capped quantity, mystery polish that is inspired by ghostly tales, unnatural happenings, strange phenomenon’s, urban legends and more.

Tatzelwurm – December 2023
Throughout European folklore the Tatzelwurm is largely portrayed as a venomous lizard-like creature, with a feline face and a stubby, serpent-like body. Said to have lethal, poisoned breath; the Tatzelwurm (also known as Stollenwurm) has also been described as having hair and multiple limbs like a caterpillar. Although sightings were rare through the 18th and 19th century, it is oft now thought that the these mythic creatures were some kind of rare salamander with characteristics resembling a Gila Monster.

Spoiler: Reflective microglitter.
Please note the image on this listing is not an indicator of the colour/finish that you will receive. It is for aesthetic only.

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