Chill Out

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As appealing as it may be to stay indoors all winter long, getting out to enjoy the chilly weather can be fun.  Whether hitting the slopes on skis or a snowboard, or zooming along trails via snowmobile, the thrill of speed can easily be found on the snow. Strap on a pair of skates and the ice welcomes you to slap around a puck or twirl to your hearts content. Let’s not forget about snow angels, snowmen, and sledding! There’s no denying that a fresh blanket of snow offers outdoor enthusiasts so many ways to enjoy the cooler temperatures.
Chill Out is a sky-blue nail polish with twinkling silver reflective glitters that echo falling snow. Loaded with a multichrome shimmer, this shade shows off a rainbow of hues. Glistening gold, pink, red, and warm orange easily pop against the cool blue base, while some angles even show hints of lime. Best in two coats, use with Smooth Moves and Clearly On Top for a glass-like finish, or wear without either for a unique textured look. Part of the Northern Exposure Collection.

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