Logging Off

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Sometimes we’re lucky enough to head to a place where the only sounds we hear are the ones that Mother Nature creates.  A cabin deep in the woods where snow-covered pines and a roaring fire keep you company can be the perfect place to disconnect from the daily grind and reconnect with yourself.  Playing outdoors replaces playing online, and logging on becomes adding logs to the fire.
Logging Off nail polish is a nod to the deep woods.  A blue-leaning deep green colour, this reflective polish is the perfect shade for those wanting a bold jewel tone.  Accented by green reflective pigment, Logging Off comes alive in brighter lighting with twinkling glimmers of emerald.  Best in two coats, use with Smooth Moves and Clearly On Top for a glass-like finish, or wear without either for a unique textured look. Part of the Northern Exposure Collection.

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