Flame Jelly

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Flame Jelly is a nail polish that sets your fingertips ablaze with the passion and vibrancy of its fiery namesake—the Flame Jellyfish. This deep, soul-stirring red is an invitation to explore the depth and intensity of the world’s most evocative colour. One coat provides a sheer veil of pinkish red, echoing the translucent allure of a flame gently flickering in the dark. As you layer on additional coats, the color deepens, culminating in a hue that is as unapologetically intense as it is captivating. Just as Flame Jellyfish are known for their vivid red hues and ethereal, pulsating movements, this polish gives you a dynamic, eye-catching look that is impossible to ignore.

The true magic of the Jellyfish Journey collection lies not just in their inspired colours but also in their extraordinary versatility. These polishes are designed to be your go-to for any occasion, offering a range of looks as diverse as the jellyfish that inspired them. Best applied in 1-3 coats. Check out Starrily’s application tops below!

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