Full Moon (at the Temple)

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Notes: Fragrant white rice, shiso leaf, bitter yuzu zest, hinoki wood, green tea, lakewater.

Lady Murasaki, lady-in-waiting at the Imperial Court during Japan’s Heian period, ostensibly wrote Tale of Genji to entertain Empress Akiko. However, her clever sketch of court life became instantly popular and a thousand years later, many consider her to be the first modern novelist. In the refined culture of the Heian period, the love poem was a staple of court life, so it seemed only fitting to represent the substance of Murasaki’s work with another equally glorious staple of life — fragrant white rice. Over this full bowl of rice, which looks something like a full moon, is laid a pungent shiso leaf and a curl of yuzu zest. Hints of citrusy hinoki wood and lake water softly accent a forgotten cup of green tea as our author begins her masterpiece.

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