GalaXy Prisms – Burnishing Powder


GalaXy Prisms Burnishing Powder – Available alone, or with the Bind & Burnish Base Coat as a discounted duo.

Burnishing Powders
Pleiades is large silver holographic flakes. Customize your mani with a spectacular and brilliant holographic rainbow finish. The Prisms are holographic foil flakies, not glitter. Though they are much more “pointy”, a bit thicker and rigid than regular flakies, they still lay flat on the finger like flakies do. However, you might need a thicker top coat if you want a smooth feel. Because they are a bit more rigid they give off an ultra holo effect you can’t get with the super thin regular micro flakes, nor with silver holo glitter.

Bind & Burnish Base Coat Duo
The Bind & Burnish Base Coat was created to use with the GalaXy Burnishing Powders or as a great sticky base coat to make your mani last longer. No gel curing or wiping needed. Bind & Burnish (B&B) dries with a tacky finish making it the perfect base to use to adhere loose powder. This option comes with both the Base Coat AND a Burnishing Powder.


Earn up to 44 Loyalty Lustres.