Introvert Goblin


Notes: chai tea with extra cardamom, a cozy stack of old books, marshmallow, sweet pumpkin flesh enrobed in warm pumpkin spice. Part of the Goblins release.

You’re hiding but we see you. Admit it, staying in is your favourite thing to do. After all there’s a whole world of books and internets and all of those thoughts swirling through your head. And outside clothes are so constrictive.
Cardamom lovers, unite! Just kidding. Stay home and enjoy your tea and books, and we’ll do the same. Sweet marshmallow and pumpkin smooth the edges of the spice in this ode to all of our favourite things. Masala chai, books, and nowhere to go.
Because of the high amount of natural resin in our marshmallow formula, you may see some separation. Just give the perfume oils a shake before applying.

Earn up to 66 Loyalty Lustres.