Overpour (PPU)

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Polish Pickup excess stock sold in ‘lucky dip’ style; with DOUBLE loyalty lustres!

Each month we participate in PPU to create an exclusive, custom shade to a specific theme (each month is randomly themed!). Some months we have excess product produced, because I’m not always great at maths. We’re permitted to sell overpour but only at random – so this means you cannot request a specific shade. When you purchase this item, you are allocated a shade at random from our inventory.
Please note this is a contractual requirement of our working relationship with PPU, not just upon our whim, so we really appreciate your understanding!

As of Dec 2022 available colours in the lucky dip pool are Be Witch You (Jan 21), Golden Bird (Mar 20), Clouds From A Lullaby (June 21), Here I Flow Again (Aug 21), Baubles & Bows (Dec 21), Ore-Gah-No? What the Hell? (Jan 22), What A Nice Jester (Aug 22), Twirling Towards Freedom! (Oct 22). Any colours not listed are not available in this lucky dip, and therefore are considered sold out entirely. If you are looking for a particular shade we recommend trying our FB sale group the Bazaar here.

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PPU overpour stock is allocated at random. If I purchase more than 1 unit, I understand I may receive a double up (although FF staff will do their best to ensure this does not happen – it’s still a possibility depending on available stock). I also understand that colour requests cannot be fulfilled, and that this item is final sale and not subject to refund upon cancellation request.

Purchase this product now and earn 52 Loyalty Lustres!
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