Bluefire Jelly

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Bluefire Jelly is a beautiful sheer yet buildable sapphire blue nail polish that captures the ephemeral glow of its namesake—the Bluefire Jellyfish. Crafted with a translucent glass-like jelly formula, this polish offers a stunning, layered look akin to the luminous undulations of a jellyfish in the depths of the ocean. With each coat, the colour deepens, mimicking the ethereal dance of light through water. Bluefire Jelly will surely transport you to an underwater world where every stroke is like a wave, brushing against your nails.

The true magic of the Jellyfish Journey collection lies not just in their inspired colours but also in their extraordinary versatility. These polishes are designed to be your go-to for any occasion, offering a range of looks as diverse as the jellyfish that inspired them. Best applied in 1-3 coats. Check out Starrily’s application tops below!

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