Ghost Jelly

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Inspired by the translucent, almost spectral quality of the ghost jellyfish, Ghost Jelly offers a white that’s not too stark, but rather soft and inviting. It whispers rather than shouts, capturing the essence of a misty morning, a whispering snowfall, or the haunting glow of moonlight. With just one coat, Ghost Jelly kisses your nails with a translucent veil, adding a touch of beauty and softness. Layer it up, and the polish builds into an opaquer white, yet still retains its unique ethereal quality. It’s an embodiment of simplicity, yet its subtle complexity allows for a multitude of creative expressions.

The true magic of the Jellyfish Journey collection lies not just in their inspired colours but also in their extraordinary versatility. These polishes are designed to be your go-to for any occasion, offering a range of looks as diverse as the jellyfish that inspired them. Best applied in 1-3 coats. Check out Starrily’s application tops below!

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