Charmeuse Satin Top Coat

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Charmeuse Top Coat sits at 7 on a scale where 0 is very matte (ex. our super matte Smokescreen Top Coat) and 11 is an ultra high gloss/wet look top coat (best selling Hydromancy Top Coat). We’ve all seen how very matte top coats can drastically change the effect of how some finishes look.

Our Charmeuse Top Coat also creates an alluring, interesting effect, it acts like a slightly matte top coat which gives us a look at all the interesting details in a polish without making it very matte. It’s really interesting to see it over glitter and flakies because there is just enough shiny finish to get those to really pop but matte enough to see intricacies in the polish. It’s also not so shiny that the glare of the reflection distracts your eye. This would be a great top coat for photos due to these properties.

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